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Cannot believe the money we've spent this month!

July 24th, 2010 at 01:55 pm

I was doing our typical end of the month calculation to pay off our credit card and transfer any extra money from our checking account to our savings account. Well it was low, really low. Usually I can add in our end of the month payment, take away our CC bill and rent and be close to maintaining a $2500 buffer. (I know, 2K is probably ridiculously high for you, but it works for us.) However, this month it would only leave $800. So where did that nearly $1700 discrepancy go?

Mortgage increase due to taxes: $200
DH car repairs: $400
Lawn mower:$200
New door handles: $200
Conference for work: $100
Lunch at work: $100
Repair for bed: $100
Walmart (can't remember what we bought): $100
Whole Foods (week's worth of meat and cider): $100
And the rest was just spent at various times.

We've got money set aside for the car repairs, actually I have a "car fund" for repairs, maintenance, and saving for a new car. I don't like borrowing from it though, usually if something comes up I just don't add more money to it.

I really need to be better about taking my lunch to work. It something I haven't done and that extra $100 a month could probably be put to better use.

The new door handles was probably the biggest non-essential purchase. I wanted to replace them, but didn't need to do it right then. Usually little things like that don't hurt anything, but when combined with a bunch of others, it means I have to transfer money from savings.

3 Responses to “Cannot believe the money we've spent this month!”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Some months are more spendy than others.

  2. whitestripe Says:

    It is scary sometimes isn't it? We have a similar method, and sometimes our buffer is (usually) $4-$5k, but a few months ago it crept down to $1-$2k and I was like 'Woah! where'd it all go?' But had to remember DF hadn't had much work. Smile

  3. Jerry Says:

    Well, on the good side, at least you have the insurance of there being a buffer to begin with! Many people are operating on a deficit. And creditcardfree is correct... some months just lead to more expenses than other months. Good luck in August!

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