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May 7th, 2008 at 02:57 pm

Wow, I canít believe itís been two months since I last wrote here. Well I sort of can, the last couple months of school were horribly busy, not leaving me time for hardly anything! But now thatís over with and summer is here.

Weíve had some big changes financially here. First of all DH has been in Italy for the past 3 months. While itís been hard to have him out of the country, itís been very good for us financially. They get paid per diem, a set amount each day that they can spend on hotel or food or whatever they want. Itís amounted to nearly an extra 1500 a month for us! On top of that we got our tax return and some extra family separation pay so weíve been able to fully fund our 2009 Roth contributions! Iím so excited that weíve been able to do this and there is no way I thought it would be possible to do this early in the year. Now, I know that we canít actually make that contribution yet, but itís sitting in our savings account accruing interest until January when we make the deposit.

Funding our Roth IRAs has been my number one savings goal. When I graduate from pharmacy school I donít know that weíll be able to continue contributing to them because our income will probably be too high. Iím trying to make sure we take full advantage now, while we can.
Everyone is all excited about the economic stimulus money. Iím excited to think weíll be getting some extra money, but I think weíll only be getting $460, not the $1200 that was being thrown around. Although I guess I canít really complain. We only ended up pay $460 in taxes, so to get that back, means we wonít have paid anything last year. In other tax news, last month DH entered a combat zone, albeit one that hasnít had any fighting for several years. Since he did that though, his income for the month of May should be tax free. That will probably add up to another $500 this month, and save us down the road too.

Having my #1 savings goal met, Iíve been thinking about what to do with the rest of our Ďprofitsí. I basically consider whatever we havenít spent by the end of the month our profit. I know a lot of people have to work backwards and take the savings out first, but thankfully DH and I have pretty low expenses and lately the governmentís been throwing money at us. But anyway. Six months ago I realized that it wasnít financially sound to pay of DHís car early. We were earning higher interest in our savings account than we were paying in interest on his car. However, since the rates of the accounts have dropped so dramatically, and weíve met our Roth goal, I think Iím going to start diverting some of our profit towards his car.

On top of all of this Iím starting my internship today. It actually will start on Monday, but since I didnít know anything about the store, theyíre having me come in today to get my feet wet. Iím mostly working for the experience, having never actually worked in a pharmacy it will be interesting to see the things Iíve been learning about put to work. However, Iím not going to refuse a pay check! Actually the company Iím working for has the lowest starting wage for interns, but as a customer I like their store the best. So it should work out. Iím still working on a transfer to Maine. DH comes home the beginning of June and I plan to spend the summer up there with him. Itís been too long since weíve seen each other! So Iím heading up there regardless if I have a job or not, although, it would be nice to have some sort of job up there. Having this week off of school and not working has been torture!

Well I think thatís all of the major financial happenings that have been going on! Hopefully Iíll be able to post more now that school is out.