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Retirement account

June 17th, 2007 at 01:44 pm

DH had an investment account with BOA that had just been sitting there. We decided to cash it out and use the money to open Roth IRAs. There was almost enough money to max out his account and we are going to use money from the life insurance to make up the difference and to fully fund mine. Yesterday we mailed the checks off to our bank so when they clear, I'll be opening Roths for us.

I think we're opening up through Vanguard and we'll probably just put it in a Target Retirement fund. That way we don't have to think about it. Maybe as we get closer to retirement or more knowledgeable about all that investing stuff we'll switch.

I'd like it if eventually we'd save all 2007 to max out 2008 and then save all 2008 to max out 2009. Since 2007 is already covered, we just need to start saving for 2008. I'm not quite sure how to do this since all of our 'extra' money was already earmarked for our car loans or down payment. Maybe I'll take like $200 out of what would be our down payment and earmark it for the Roth...although that won't max it out, it will help some. Also we probably won't be purchasing a house for a while so I don't feel as bad 'stealing' from this account.

Challenge update and go Beavs!

June 11th, 2007 at 11:43 pm

Went shopping today and saved $9.15 from using coupons. Since I went to the commissary I really saved more than that as the other grocery stores are more expensive and the commissary had some things on sale. I'm adding that to the challenge.

On a unrelated note DH's and my alma mater (Oregon State) is currently playing the second baseball game of the super regional. If we win tonight against Michigan we'll return to Omaha for the third consecutive time and to defend our title as national champions. If we happen to lose, we'll play Michigan tomorrow and, since I'm sure we'll win, we'll then go to Omaha! Go Beavs!

New additions: $ 9.15
Previous total: $479.07
Total, since 4/15: $488.22

Price of movies

June 6th, 2007 at 05:19 pm

DH and I rarely go out to movies. We have the 1 movie at a time deal from Blockbuster Online and for about $10 a month we can see pretty much as many movies as we want. A goal of mine is to see the top 100 movies and all of the acadamy award winners so that's what's in our Blockbuster que. After we watch the one that's been sent to us, we go to the store and get a new release to watch. It makes for a nice blend of new and old movies.

Last weekend we went and saw Knocked Up in the theater. I was blown away by how expensive it was. Now, I'm sure for those of you who go to movies more freqeuently or recently woun't be shocked by this price, it was $14 and I was surprized. We almost made the mistake of going to a show half an hour later and having to pay $18 dollars. Thankfully, I caught it in time and minimized the damage. I did find out that before noon on Friday, Sat, and Sun the tickets are only $5 each. So from now on that's when we'll be going!

When Spiderman 3 came out we went and saw it at the local drive in. It cost $4 a person (so $8), and I thought that was a stretch, but do-able to see a first-run movie.

DH and I already sat down and each listed 3 movies that we each want to see this summer in the theater, to plan and budget accordingly. However to not completely break our entertainment budget we'll probably be seeing them weekend mornings or evenings at the drive in.

Textbooks and challenge money

June 6th, 2007 at 02:13 am

Well classes started this week for me. I'm really not looking forward to them. I have my BS (and BA), but I have to take a couple of prerequisites for the pharmacy school in New Hampshire. I have to take a US History class because they don't accept AP tests and Intro to Sociology. I think Sociology would be fun, but our teacher is scatter brained and I doubt I'll get as much out of the class as I could. History should be ok though. It's not my favorite subject, but being married to a history major he'll be curious to know what we are covering.

I am taking these classes at the local community college. I figured since it's a daytime class that there would be some younger the class. Boy was I wrong, two of the three people in my history group are 16, and the third is only 18! Now, I'm only 24, but they are making me feel old! Actually I think it could be interesting to see how teenagers think these days, but I'm not used to being in class with teenagers and high schoolers.

Anyway I had to buy a new textbook for sociology as she's using a new book this year so there are no used copies. Our history class required a packet of three books. I bought a used packet for just over $40.

The textbook for the class is the same one I used for US history in high school. So I was kicking myself that I actually had the book but had to buy it. But with an 8 week class there was no way I could get it in time. I was also thinking that DH had the Frederick Douglas book we needed, but I wasn't sure if he got rid of it during our book purge. So I bought the books and went home. I discovered that DH had both the textbook and the Douglas book.

I was happy that he had them and I figured that I could return them and buy the third book separately. Well apparently the bookstore doesn't sell that book by itself, and, of course, it is the one book we have to bring to each class.

By then I was even more frustrated that I was going to have to pay for the entire packet just for that dang book. Then I remembered that libraries often have copies of the textbooks available for reference so I decided to check it out. Well not only did they have that book, it was in circulation so I was able to check it out!I'll probably have to check it out a couple of times during the term, but's free!

So I'm adding that $40 saved on textbooks to the challenge.
I'm also adding $10 saved from CVS this week. The actual total is more than that, but I don't have the receipt in front of me.

New additions: $ 50
Previous total: $429.07
Total, since 4/15: $479.07