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Retirement revelations

January 13th, 2009 at 11:30 pm

DH and I opened our Roth's in 2007. For our 2007 and 2008 contributions we did lump-sum contributions, working under the theory that that longer the money was in the account, the longer the money could grow tax-free. Well the market of 2008 certainly nixed that plan, so this year we have decided to do monthly contributions. Our first one comes out after payday this week.

I also looked at my social security statement and discovered that I have contributed *nearly* as much to my Roth as I have made working. (Again, thanks to the market, I don't have that much in the account right now, but I still have contributed that much.) Now for you math wizards out there, you know that since I've maxed out the account both years, I have contributed $9000. Adding up the money I made this summer to the amount reported on my SSA last year, I've made...*drum roll please*... $9100.
I know that's a pathetically low number. I did work for a couple summers as a nanny and that wasn't reported, but I doubt it was enough to even report. I try to look at the glass half full though...there are many people who would love to have as much in their retirement accounts as they've made!

Once I graduate and work as a pharmacist, that number will dramatically increase, so much so that we will no longer be able to take advantage of the Roth IRAs. That's while we're working so hard to fund it now!

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  1. homebody Says:

    Oh honey, you are going to be fine!

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