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December 4th, 2007 at 04:15 pm

I canít believe how long itís been since I last made an entry. School has been keeping me busy and I havenít been as diligent about tracking the $20 challenge like I had been. I think in the New Year Iíll start it up again. Itís always fun to see how much Iíve made and how much Iíve saved.

DH has moved up to Maine and his just stuff just arrived today. He was a little overwhelmed with the amount of stuff that he had, particularly since heís been living without all of it for over a week. With no TV, no internet, no furniture, no nothing, he went a little spend happy. Although he was pretty good and got mostly things he needed. And he rented movies from the grocery store which only cost $1. Much better than the $3ish they charge at Blockbuster! To be fair I also spent about $30 today on household stuff too. Despite this, we still had had a profit last month! Some of the expenses will spill over into December, but I donít think weíll have a problem then either.

Financially, we have made some changes in the past month or so:

*We decided not to pay off our car early the interest rate is so low that it isnít worth it.

*In January we are going to put all money earmarked for our Roth into our Roth accounts. I donít think weíll be able to max it, but we should have about half of it. So weíll keep saving for both 2008 and then maybe the 2009 years.

*We decided to refuse my unsubsidized loan for next term of school. I still have some money from last semester so we were only going to take out the subsidized loan and pay the difference in the cost of tuition. Well last weekend I got a call from the in-laws and they have offered to pay for next semesterís tuition! So that is great. I think we may still take out the subsidized loan as it will basically be a 3 year interest-free loan. Weíll throw it into a CD or something to make some money!

1 Responses to “Update”

  1. Broken Arrow Says:

    Wow, you're doing very well! I'm actually quite jealous. I wish I was in your shoes... well, similar ones anyway, preferably ones made for men. Big Grin

    Congrats on having your hubby over.

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